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The La Jolla Alta Clubhouse is now open with limited access and restrictions.

Please visit or contact the Club office for details.

Phone: 858.459.6903 Email: clubmanager@ljamc.com




Due to COVID-19 requirements club hours have been modified.  THE CLUB WILL NOW BE OPEN FROM 8AM UNTIL 8PM DAILY.  Changes effective Monday 23 November and until further notice.

Click here to view the LJAMC Club Reopening Plan





Welcome to the La Jolla Alta Master Council Website.


The La Jolla Alta Master Council (LJAMC) is a non-profit corporation that owns and operates the La Jolla Alta Clubhouse.  The Clubhouse is governed by the LJAMC's Board of Directors (Board), which has the authority and responsibility to maintain, preserve, control, and operate the Club.  The Board also has the authority and responsibility to maintain land parcels owned by the LJAMC in the Van Nuy's and La Jolla Alta canyons.


The La Jolla Alta Master Council is comprised of 5 sub-associations and over 600 homes.  These sub associations are:

La Jolla Alta #1 "El Dorado"
La Jolla Alta #2
La Jolla Alta #3 "Ventana"
La Jolla Alta #4 "Crystal Bay"
La Jolla Alta #5 "Emerald Cove"

LJAMC members are legal homeowners of the aforementioned communities.  Each owner in these developments should have received copies of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (i.e. CC&R's) to its respective Common Council and the Bylaws of the La Jolla Alta Master Council when purchasing his/her home.